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  • review rating 4  I have now had my solar system up and running for almost a year. The systems is working great. When I have had an issues they called me first to tell me that the installer will be out to replace the part. The are a great company that does great work. I would recommend them to my friends, in fact I have and one has done a full sysyand is very happy with the work!

    thumb Lazaro Fonte
  • review rating 5  I recommend SunLux for a solar installation. The company was always easy to contact, helpful, courteous, and answered all my questions. The price quoted was the final price. Installation was well coordinated with installation of a new roof by another contractor. Employees were professional and County inspector commented on high quality of installation. Everything went smoothly.

    thumb Bruce K
  • review rating 5  After getting four estimates for solar panels we selected SunLux because of their customer service, quality name brand components and price. Our sales associate was honest, up front and worked with our needs and budget. Other companies wanted to install more panels than we needed, this would make our monthly payment for the panels more than our current electric bill without solar, defeating the reason for getting solar. Our sales associate worked out the numbers to come up with a system perfectly suited for our needs to zero out and produce more electricity than we need, but stay within our budget. In addition the components they use are name brand components with an excellent warranty. Other companies that we got estimates from used no name components with a lousy warranty period. The installers were quick, courteous and cleaned up after they were done. Another reason we went with Sunlux was they said we didn't need an electrical panel upgrade. Our panel is original to the house built in 1963. After the sight evaluation it was determined that it had the correct amp rating and had enough space to add the circuit breaker for the solar panel system. The other companies just said our panel is to old and must be upgraded without even looking at it. This would add an additional $3000. Also I wanted the electrical conduit run through the attic not on top of the roof making a cleaner looking installation. They said this is their standard practice to run it through the attic. Several other companies charged an extra $300 dollars to run the conduit through the attic. The experience we had with Sunlux was excellent, from estimates, financing, installation and customer service.

    thumb Benjamin Harris
  • review rating 5  Sunlux was patient in answering all my questions. Work was clean and timely. Follow up was great. Everything was as promised. The price was reasonable compared to other quotes. I highly recommend Sunlux.

    thumb Katrina Decano
  • review rating 4  Great company and great services. They worked with me through the entire project and made sure all my questions were answered. My electric company attempted to slow the process but Sun Lux keep me on pace and now I’m on solar and looking to enjoy a better electric bill. Would recommend this company to family and friends

    thumb Reginald Lawson
  • review rating 5  I did a lot of research on solar companies for some time and I was please to see that SunLux was the right choice from the research I had done. I had both the roof and the solar system installed. They are A rated, have been upfront from the beginning and best of all they are guaranteeing my system, inverter, and MY roof (to not leak where they installed or altered) for 25 years. From the very start I was a little skeptical, but the salesperson who helped me was very honest and didn't pressure me at all. After the sales process, someone comes out and surveys your house then to the design/engineering team. Engineering made plans and sent them to me for approval. After I said yes, they had to get approved from city. After all was approved it was time for installation. Everything went better then I expected. The install was fast and clean. They are quick, there is no disruption to you or your family, if you blink you may miss them. Very easy to get in touch with. In fact It was so easy that I still question if they were even at my house! Lucky for them the roof and solar panels at the house is proof that they were there!

    thumb mannyp123 mannyp123

Turn heads as well as savings.

Go solar without sacrificing the curb appeal of your home.

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Our low-profile silhouettes are as close to the roofline as possible.


Angled skirting gives a finished, flush appearance.


All-black glass impresses rather than distracts.


Maintain power during a blackout with a backup battery system.

Full-service solutions.

Our customized solar solutions are guaranteed to save you money.



Start saving immediately with zero interest when you purchase your Sunlux system outright.



Switch to solar with affordable monthly payments that are lower than your current electric bill.



Lease solar panels and get instant savings with no money out of pocket.



Never pay another energy bill for years. We’ll handle the rest.

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