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What Our Customers Say?

Star Rating

I was very happy with the solar panel installation as conduit runs were hidden in ideal locations. Additionally, the solar panel installers painted all of the conduit the same color as my stucco. SunLux Energy also used all black solar panels on my roof, along with black rails in areas that were visible. This is a noticeable difference from the panels on my neighbor's homes. Very happy with these all black panels. This is one of the best commercial solar panels companies near me that I could found.

Carlos T.

Star Rating

Our experience with Sunlux has been outstanding from the time of the presentation to the solar installation and completion. We had been apprehensive about Solar Energy because of other sales presentations and lack of knowledge. Guillermo was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions and concerns. The solar installers and the finishers were extremely professional and did an outstanding job, clean up included.

Andrew G.

Star Rating

SunLux Energy is definitely the best solar company to use for your solar energy needs. From the time we were given an estimate until the project was completed we dealt with very professional and knowledgeable owners. After the system was complete we were given instructions in our home as to how to access the solar system on the internet and monitor our net metering how much electricity we were saving. Best Solar Panel Cost, Our first electric bill using our new system was $3.93!

Carol R.