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How To Maximize Free Energy From Solar Panels For Your Home Or Business?

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There are many ways to catch the sun, but only one to maximizes its utilization! Solar panel installation is a long-term commitment, due to its lifespan of 25 years working with nominal capacity. Although we are testifying the benefits of using photovoltaic systems in total electricity production, we must remove all doubts that we will accomplish the maximum potential of the solar panel installation. And this is SunLux Solar primary goal at the beginning of each project. Using the latest technology in planning the installation of solar panels we bring you the fastest return of investment! 

What Are The Benefits Of Carefully Calculated Data For A Solar Power System?

The quality solar panel system requires proper planning. The amount of solar energy that passes the atmosphere and reaches the surface of the planet is measurable and depends on the latitude, season, time of day and weather conditions. When planning the installation of solar panels, our specialists are using “Solmetric SunEye – 210” shade tool to get all the data which closely determine the utilization of solar energy at residential or commercial location. 

This “all in one” tool gives us accurate data: 

  • Annual sun path
  • Monthly solar access
  • Weather data of the site
  • Possibility of shading obstructions

Additional features from this tool, such as electronic inclinometer, electronic compass and integrated GPS show very precise data that is unique to each location individually. With all of this data, our professionals can easily estimate and properly inform you about the maximum amount of free electricity you can get from a solar power system!

From Data To The Ultimate Solar Utility!

SunLux Solar Panels

The movement of a planet around its axis and around the sun causes the intensity of radiation to change on daily, monthly and annual bases, but we can easily process all these information and show you the exact potential of your location. Why is this so important to know? Well, even we know that the surface which receives the energy of solar radiation is not always horizontal (which would be an ideal case), knowing the annual sun path and weather data for one location is essential in order to increase the exploitation of solar panels.

For example, knowing the average number of equivalent sunny hours for each month of the year is particularly of importance when designing the off-grid system, in order to ensure the constant supply of electricity, even in periods with a low number of sunny hours. For on-grid systems, we calculate average daily, monthly and annual solar radiation and take it as a reference, so the projected solar panel installation would make the biggest savings for investors.

The possibility of shading obstruction on the location sometimes can be overlooked, because the shadow path changes along with the seasons, depending on the position of the sun on the horizon. Shadow cast can significantly diminish the output of the solar power system, even if it appears on just one part of the solar panel. 

But, if we know all yearly parameters of solar orbit, and applying them to the selected location we can easily know if the planned solar panels will be in the shadow at some moment during the calendar year. With careful evaluating, this potential problem can be totally eliminated!   

Our Business Is Making Your Ideas, Possible!

When it comes to solar, more efficiency means a faster return on investment and great savings. Our professionals can immediately provide you with relevant information on each unique location and use those data in order to increase the possibility of exploitation of the photovoltaic system. With the right technology and innovative processes maximized efficiency becomes reality. With SunLux you can achieve the greatest potential!

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Solar Energy Facts: Homeowners Taking Control Over High Electric Bills

Solar Energy Facts: Homeowners Taking Control Over High Electric Bills 339 226 Sunlux

The cost of electricity has become a growing concern for many homeowners, with summer approaching just the thought of those summer bills is enough to make most homeowners cringe. One of the best Facts about solar energy is that California leads the nation in residential home solar installations. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, “Solar panel costs have fallen significantly in the last 5 years and now installing solar panels can be one of the best investments you can make for your home.

There are also now a lot of products on the market utilizing sophisticated financing vehicles to make solar panels for your home affordable.” Available incentives further drive down the cost of adding solar panels to your home.

Is your home suitable for Solar if so what does it cost?

Chances are your home gets enough sun exposure to make a solar installation financially viable. Every rooftop is different, but once potential solar customers begin exploring their options, they often find that the total up-front cost of solar is less relevant than the financing terms, return-on-investment, and cash flow calculation. Solar leases and other innovative financing models mean that many people can go solar for little or no money down.

Benefits of Purchasing Your Solar System.

Own your solar panels outright and save tens of thousands over the next 30 years. Most home owners will pay themselves back within 5-7 years, after that its free electricity. Homeowner’s who purchase will also qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit. Solar finance companies offer consumer terms up to 20 year terms and low APR’s make owning a system affordable.

Benefits of Leasing Your Solar System.

When you lease solar panels there is typically $0 up front. What you get is solar energy at a rate lower than your current utility, the rate is fixed for the next 20 years. A lease is a good option for customers looking to immediately reduce their electric bills without any out of pocket cost.

If you have more questions about how to get your solar panel installation, call Sunlux today and get informed with the best solar energy facts. They are here to help to make sure you make the right choice and save the most money. Consult all your options before you switch.