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Top 3 Solar Panels For Home Use

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There has never been a greater need for solar energy and a greater range of possibilities, so if you are considering going solar you can easily be stuck in the solar limbo. How would you know that you’ll maximize your benefit from solar panel installation? Which solar panel meet the most demanding requirements for a residential project? Which solar panels have superior performance, unprecedented durability, and aesthetic design? Technology never stands still and neither do we, so stop searching and let us do the work, we are bringing you top 3 solar panels for home use!

  1. Panasonic HIT solar module series

In Panasonic, technology challenges are continuing to involve in manufacturing of PV modules. With their HIT series of photovoltaic modules, solar panel installation hits new advantages.

  • Technology innovation – Panasonic HIT PV modules have two built-in amorphous silicon layers under the surface, and the loss of the electrons is diminished, so the efficiency of these solar panels are increased to 19.1% (optimal efficiency of most solar panels in the market is 18%). Also, Panasonic HIT PV modules continue to produce a high-level power output despite the high outdoor temperatures during the day, because Panasonic smartly resolved temperature output dependence.
  • Absolute reliability – Panasonic HIT solar panels are projected to perform amazing 90.76% of nominal voltage after 25 years of use, which drastically increases the total number of years of solar power system exploitation (for conventional solar panels, nominal voltage decrease up to 80% after 25 years). This characteristic guarantees even longer exploitation of solar installation and maximum utility.
  1. LG Neon solar module series

LG is a world-wide well-known company in the field of renewable energy, especially on photovoltaics panels and heat pumps, so they also met high expectations in solar panels manufacturing.

  • High efficiency – LG Neon solar panels hit up to 21.2% module efficiency which places the company at the very top of the list of manufacturers of highly efficient solar modules. It’s improved temperature coefficient allows the stable production of electricity in temperature conditions in which conventional solar panels would have reduced electricity production.
  • Output warranty – after a lifespan of 25 years, LG Neon photovoltaic module will decrease the output only for 16.14%, unlike other manufacturers to which the nominal voltage decreases for the whole 20%!
  • Double-sided cell structure – a black rear film on the module is reabsorbing reflected light beams from the surface, so the module is gaining additional power, which can significantly increase the total output of the solar power system.
  1. Qcells Peak solar module series

Innovative Q.UANTUM technology that comes from Qcells company have so much to offer to residential photovoltaic market. This German company is dedicated to the development of best performance solar modules, and guarantee high efficiency and durability.

  • Performance warranty – with Qcells photovoltaic module you can rely on longlasting exploitation period, which will decrease up to 83.6% of nominal power after the period of 25 years.
  • High efficiency – while other companies struggling a lower efficiency coefficient, Qcells has developed the module with 19.5% of efficiency. Qcell solar panels can also achieve the highest performance at low Irradiance conditions compared to conventional solar panels. 

Why choose between reliability or affordability when you can have all?

Quality pays off for sure, and we are hoping we helped you with questions about what characteristic solar panels should have in order to provide a long term attractive revenues for your home.  As solar technology continues to develop, we’ll be at the forefront working with our partners to develop new, intelligent solutions for residential solar system installation.

Is Solar Right For My Business?

Is Solar Right For My Business? 1500 844 Sunlux

The best way to ensure the sustainable growth of your business is to look ahead and think ahead. It’s never late to get involved in the solar power industry, the sun has a lot to offer for your business. whether small or medium, We’re filtering all the benefits like never before to bring you the best!

Benefits of solar panel for business

In small enterprises, the most important factor in success is efficiency. The same goes for solar panels. Solar energy can help your business improve competitiveness in the market, and direct your business activities to prosperity. Solar panel installation can drastically reduce your utility bills, or cut it down to zero, therefore saving you both money and energy.

Significant savings that solar make can be directed towards growth and development of your business. For enterprise owners, investment in solar panels is returned in the first 3-5 years of use, and after that period solar installation remains completely free for the next 20-22 years to come! By using free solar energy, you will achieve attractive financial returns and will be able to plan the company’s budget in a more efficient way.

A financial boost & no maintenance cost

For years, the price of electricity is steadily increasing, while the prices of solar panels are in constant decline, so the determination to invest in the long-term profitable solar power system is actually a smart decision. There are also significant incentives for electricity production from solar panels, so your investment will be financially supported through government solar rebates, grants and tax credits.

The federal solar tax credit is offering 30% rebate for business solar panel installation by the end of 2019, and Database of State Incentives for Renewable and Efficiency (DSIRE) listing can help look up for grants and tax credits by states, which will reduce your initial investment. You can also apply for feed-in tariffs if you have surplus energy when business self-consumption is reduced.  

Once installed, a solar power system does not require any special maintenance. Only need to wipe dust from the panels several times a year, to enable the maximum efficiency of the solar power system. Solar power unit generates electricity completely autonomously, leaving you with peace of mind and managing the company.

From visions to solutions

Sunlux” can offer you a perfectly adapted turnkey solution for your commercial project. With “Sunlux” you always have a clear advantage because reliable quality and first-class service are an asset for us and our customers. We support small and medium businesses with know-how such as expert planning, technical support, professional installation and as a company, we are always on your side!

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How Do Solar Batteries Work?

How Do Solar Batteries Work? 479 269 Sunlux

Solar batteries are changing the game in residential and commercial solar markets, making a revolution in the way people use energy nowdays. In this post you will read everything you need to learn about how solar batteries work.

When you see a trending where everybody is trying to get a solar battery system, you need to pay attention. Residential solar panels have been installed in rooftops in a fastest way, that the popularity for solar power is growing big time in California, and it’s making the solar industry the fastest growing market, also it is the market where more jobs are produced by sector.

But solar energy consumers are taking this step to the next level. Houses generating their own solar energy now have the ability to provide power to their entire house after the sunlight disappear at nights. As you know going solar add value to your homes and cut electric bills. That’s why having a solar battery at home is the best & simple way to take the solar energy above and beyond energy expectations.

Every solar battery is done to last a high life. With this we mean that they can support a higher number of charge-discharges life cycles before their efficiency drops to 80%. They do not need a frequent maintenance so after they are charging and discharging they will still be highly functional. Solar batteries allow solar energy owners to enjoy their solar power using batteries without any worry. It came with a solar energy storage this system support all your household needs.

Smart Solar batteries are now connected with apps and new technology for renewable energy users. New Smart batteries have artificial intelligence that learn about energy & weather trends, so they will focus on get the most energy storage available for them when the sunlight is not that strong.

Solar Customers are ejoying their independence of utility bills producing their own energy with a solar battery which gives the way to energy storage and this is when things get sweet for everybody.

You go to work all day and when you come home at night you solar battery is full charged of free energy ready for everything.

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Benefits of Buying Vs Leasing Solar Panels

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When a customer takes the decision of getting a solar system, the tough question is between buying or leasing to own the Solar Panels. If you buy it, the system is yours either if you pay it with cash, or a Solar Loan. If you choose to take a Solar Leasing Programs, the system is owned and maintained by a third party company. Each option impacts directly to the cost, maintenance, terms, savings/returns and financial offsets on your solar panel system agreement.

In the State ofCalifornia the 70% of the residential Solar Systems were funded by an external party, through a Leasing solar panels PPA, Or Solar Service Agreement. The other 30% were either purchases with cash or financing. With this information the big question for people interested in going solar and doing their research before they get the system that fits for their needs would be: Why are the majority of the solar projects funded through a Solar Lease? Because my neighbors are going solar with a lease, should this be the best for me?

We review the benefits of leasing vs purchasing your solar system:

Benefits of Leasing Solar Panels for your house

Save Money right away. You will save about 15-40% of the current utility bill price, depending on the size of your bill. The higher your bill, the more you will save.

No Upfront Cost. You are not required to put money down for installations. Solar Leasing companies pays for everything, from design, engineering, permits, equipment & installation. You only make your lease payment every month once your system is turned on, instead of making the payment to your utility company.

Free Maintenance. If something happens to your system, it’s the leasing company who will fix it. Once again you save as the system is insured by the leasing company.

The system is guaranteed to produce a minimum level of power each year. If the system produces more, it’s totally free for you. If its produces less the leasing company will pay the difference.

Benefits of Buying a Solar Panel System

Cash is always king. Cash purchases give the highest return on your investment. When you purchase, you own the equipment and all the power it produces with little to no operation costs.

Federal Tax Credits. If there are any incentives available such as tax credits or rebates, you can apply for them which reduces your net cost for the equipment. Right now, there is a 30% tax credit from the IRS if you purchase a solar system for your home. You must owe a dollar in federal tax to get a dollar in credit, but it is available if you have a tax appetite.

Increase Home Value. Purchasing a solar system adds value to your home and increases the value of any future sale of your home. A study was made by the Berkeley National Laboratory that gives credibility to this claim.

It does not matter which choice you make when going solar: cash, financed, or lease. All will give you the same power for a lot less money. That’s why people are excited about replacing the utility with solar. The added benefit of getting your power from the sun verses using the carbon rich forms of fossilized fuel is even greater for our planet. You won’t know if leasing solar panels worth it, until you shop around for a solar power lease or a solar financing program.

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How Much Does A Solar Panel Cost?

How Much Does A Solar Panel Cost? 290 146 Sunlux

The electricity solar produces is free; it’s the equipment which determines the cost. The sun shines whether you capture the energy or not. Once the equipment is paid for, there is very little maintenance costs to capture the energy from the sun. It’s not unusual for a system owner to say that once the equipment is paid for, the power is free.

The actual residential panel cost has come down in the past few years as technology has improved the efficiency of solar. A person could buy all the components themselves, and install them for the lowest out of pocket cost possible. There are even books on how to do this for the do-it-yourself. Unless you know what you’re doing, We do not recommend this.

Top Cities For Solar Savings

Most cities and counties require you to obtain a permit to add solar on your home. This requires a licensed engineer or electrician to draw up plans, have them stamped, then presented to the city or county building department for approval and obtaining a permit. Many solar company installers will also assist you in financing options, either to purchase or lease. We will give you Our thoughts about buying or leasing in the next posts.

So now you know first thing to be aware of when going solar, is to evaluate the system costs for your specific needs at home. To make it simple you need to install a system that supplies your household’s electricity consumption per year.

If you need some advice about going solar at home or have any questions about solar panels cost you can contact Sunlux or download our Solar Information Book for Free!