With $0 money down, our solar lease program will lower your energy bills from day one.

If you're paying over $100/month, you're definitely a candidate to lease solar panels, and we can help.

Our Lease Solar Panels Programs will make you save over 30% off the utility bill, an average of $500 by Year 1.  Lease to own a solar panel system today & let your solar lease make everything for you. Discover why leasing solar panels worth it.


Simple Switch To Solar
Leasing Solar Panels Worth It
Lock Your Rate For 20 Years
Free Service & Maintenance

SunLux’s solar panel lease option requires no upfront costs for the solar system. In the simplest terms, the solar panels are owned and maintained by the solar lease provider, and the homeowner enjoys a much lower energy rate that's guaranteed for 20 years. 


If your are between buying or leasing solar panels, review our solar panel leasing program and go all the way with the best solar company in California.

Solar Lease
Solar Lease

Who doesn't want a lower energy bill? Over the last 10 years, energy rates have increased more than 85% for a majority of Southern Californians. Until now, getting a better deal on energy was impossible. With a solar energy service agreement from SunLux Energy, we guarantee every homeowner a low, locked in energy rate from day one! That's why leasing solar panels worth it

solar panel lease
Savings grow every year

Curb your electric bill once and for all. Historically, energy rates have increased over time. With a SunLux Energy solar service plan, you're in control. We offer a full service, 20-year performance guarantee. We also maintain and monitor the solar power system to make sure your electric bills stay low.

lease solar panels
Worry free service package

With a SunLux solar service agreement, we cover the maintenance for the length of the contract. Free solar panel installation and on going monitoring ensure the solar power system is performing as it should. In fact, we'll refund you if the solar panel system underperforms.

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