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Going solar is a big decision, so it’s important to choose a company you trust. So we’ll let our satisfied customers do the talking.

  • J M Avatar
    J M
    - Google

    I have considered solar installation for some time now. After making the decision to move forward with solar, I... read more

    Sudip Ghosh Avatar
    Sudip Ghosh
    - Google

    We interviewed 3 different solar companies but chose Sunlux. Excellent customer service, as they take it to the next... read more

    Shirley Avatar
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    We had compared a few different companies and finally decided on Sunlux. While the price are pretty standard in... read more

    Skyler Avatar
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    We had compared a few different companies and finally decided on Sunlux. While the price are pretty standard in... read more

  • SS Avatar
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    We had compared a few different companies and finally decided on Sunlux. While the price are pretty standard in... read more

    S Miller Avatar
    S Miller
    - Google

    We were in the market for a solar system from a company that was reliable and we could trust. After... read more

    Tim Thomas Avatar
    Tim Thomas
    - Google

    Had my solar installed about 2 1/2 years ago. Great price the sales person I believe at the time was... read more

    Kashyap Savani Avatar
    Kashyap Savani
    - Google

    Sunlux has been fantastic to deal with to help me resolve my issues. Even though they were not the installer... read more

  • Tim Guiltinan Avatar
    Tim Guiltinan
    - Google

    This is no joke. I have had great service from the very start. Every person who I have... read more

    Jason Gross Avatar
    Jason Gross
    - Google

    We spoke with about 5 different solar companies and we liked Tracy at Sunlux the best! Getting started was... read more

    Arif Ansari Avatar
    Arif Ansari
    - Google

    Smoother process than I expected. Sales was up front about price which was lower that most other quotes. ... read more

    Isabel Bradley Avatar
    Isabel Bradley
    - Google

    The Sunlux sales team was very thorough in explaining the benefits of solar. They helped along each step of... read more

  • Todd Lockwood Avatar
    Todd Lockwood
    - Google

    From start to finish Sunlux was there every step of the way. My initial consultation was professional, informative, and we... read more

    Joe Polder Avatar
    Joe Polder
    - Google

    Had a great experience with SunLux. Everything went well. When issues arose, they were very responsive. They are a... read more

    Joshua Owen Avatar
    Joshua Owen
    - Google

    Still happy with my solar and roof 2years later. I got my solar installed by Sunlux in January along with... read more

    Alan Tiegs Avatar
    Alan Tiegs
    - Google

    Our experience with Sunlux was outstanding from initial contact through completion . All levels of their staff were very... read more

  • Adam W Avatar
    Adam W
    - Google

    Everyone was great in every step of this involved process. From initially educating us to ultimately dealing with our... read more

    Homer Licup Avatar
    Homer Licup
    - Google

    quick and prompt.. honest and straight forward, ready to help when needed. customer service is top notch...well deserve ... read more

    Jimmy Lee Avatar
    Jimmy Lee
    - Google

    So happy that we stumbled onto Sunlux. From beginning to end the entire process was thoroughly enjoyable and everyone that... read more

    Moises Andres Avatar
    Moises Andres
    - Google

    I spend several months researching and getting quotes from multiple solar contractors.
    Let me tell you it was a big learning...
    read more

  • Robert Narciso Avatar
    Robert Narciso
    - Google

    I had an issue with our solar panel not producing any electricity so I called and left message for Garrett... read more

    Mike Sun Avatar
    Mike Sun
    - Google

    Our experience with Sunlux was great. The salesperson was knowledgeable and walked us through the process of selecting the right... read more

    Devindra Dabiesingh Avatar
    Devindra Dabiesingh
    - Google

    Excellent, excellent, excellent.
    From the first sit down with their sales specialist to the engineering and planning to the actual workmanship.
    read more

    Odilia Granado Avatar
    Odilia Granado
    - Google

    We are very pleased about having Sunlux install our solar panels. From the beginning, the sales personnel were... read more

  • Joyce Schaal Avatar
    Joyce Schaal
    - Google

    Sunlux is an excellent company for solar panels. From the first meeting with the sales agent and telephone staff to... read more

    Dplessel Avatar
    - Google

    The entire process was fast and efficient. Sunlux was able to push the installation prior to Edison's tier adjustment. ... read more

    Sergio Martinez Avatar
    Sergio Martinez
    - Google

    I've found that Sunlux was the right choice for me when it came time to make a decision. The system... read more

    Don McNeil Avatar
    Don McNeil
    - Google

    The experience was pleasant everyone was professional. I felt the process either needed to be explained better or communication should... read more

  • Jim Deitemeyer Avatar
    Jim Deitemeyer
    - Google

    Love our new solar system! Our payment is way less than we were paying for electricity every month. It's fun... read more

    Darren Rutledge Avatar
    Darren Rutledge
    - Google

    I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with having Solar Installed with Sunlux. Great value. Great... read more

    Timothy Racisz Avatar
    Timothy Racisz
    - Google

    SunLux proposed a quality system that was tailored to our requirements. Other bidders proposed lesser systems but after much consultation... read more

    David Rechsteiner Avatar
    David Rechsteiner
    - Google

    I reviewed 3 companies and selected Sunlux because I felt comfortable that my requirements were being carefully considered and that... read more

  • Cheryl Stevenson Avatar
    Cheryl Stevenson
    - Google

    Sunlux installed our solar and everything went smoothly. They explained the process and answered any questions we had. They have... read more

    Fikry El Sonbaty Avatar
    Fikry El Sonbaty
    - Google

    SunLux impressed me from my first meeting with Ben Carton. It was clear that the equipment they provided was top... read more

    Sung Wu Avatar
    Sung Wu
    - Google

    I shopped for Solar with 5 Solar companies and decided to go with Sunlux. Their prices were the best... read more

    Dee James Avatar
    Dee James
    - Google

    I picked Sunlux for solar to install on my elderly parents house. This was after 5+ other quotes. Price was... read more

  • Lazaro Fonte Avatar
    Lazaro Fonte
    - Google

    Sunlux installed my system in the middle of last year, and have been online since last October. Decided to go... read more

    Allan Jao Avatar
    Allan Jao
    - Google

    We were supposed to get Solar from another provider, we signed everything but for more than 6 months, nothing happened.... read more

    Evgenii Zherebchevskiy Avatar
    Evgenii Zherebchevskiy
    - Google

    Sunlux install the Panasonic panels on my roof. At every process, Sunlux was courteous and efficient. They finished installations in... read more

    Cathy Novelo Avatar
    Cathy Novelo
    - Google

    I am pleased with SunLux. Everyone that I spoke with was helpful and friendly. When I came across problems associated... read more

  • TC Campbell Avatar
    TC Campbell
    - Google

    First, let me say that my experience with Sunlux was a good one. The agent that first met with... read more

    Kevin Chao Avatar
    Kevin Chao
    - Google

    After a couple of research for solar company, we decided to go with Sunlux for our solar system. The sales... read more

    therese barkate Avatar
    therese barkate
    - Google

    This is a very professional group of people. Everyone was responsive and helpful. The only problem, which wasn't... read more

    Dave Maxwell Avatar
    Dave Maxwell
    - Google

    I recently completed my solar project with SunLux. They did a great job with my installation. They set the... read more

  • Steven Litchfield Avatar
    Steven Litchfield
    - Google

    SunLux has been great to deal with. I found their prices to be super competitive. The install team... read more

    Nicholas Hilton Avatar
    Nicholas Hilton
    - Google

    Sunlux has been great to work with on my solar install. I found them to be very competitive and did... read more

    John Linder Avatar
    John Linder
    - Google

    The Sunlux solar process and installation was seamless and came together with their management of the City, HOA, install, and... read more

    Bruk Moges Avatar
    Bruk Moges
    - Google

    Just got our PTO 3/26/19. Sunlux was the best price out of 8 companies we looked at.
    Their responses to questions/inquiries...
    read more

  • Reginald Lawson Avatar
    Reginald Lawson
    - Google

    Great company and great services. They worked with me through the entire project and made sure all my questions... read more

    Bruce K Avatar
    Bruce K
    - Google

    I recommend SunLux for a solar installation. The company was always easy to contact, helpful, courteous, and answered all... read more

    Lazaro Fonte Avatar
    Lazaro Fonte
    - Google

    I have now had my solar system up and running for almost a year. The systems is working great. When... read more